Marketing Tactics for a Bankruptcy Attorney

When discussing marketing, think of it as a contact sport. Marketing should be seen as a game for every attorney. Consider it to be a game in which you are seeking to obtain the most points of contact, meaning how many individuals can be seen per week, month and year. This game should also consider the individuals that are on your marketing team who are amenable to refer your business? Below are some of the many influential tactics that can be used in order to win this so called “game” of marketing.

Obtaining the correct targets

When playing a contact sport the correct material is necessary, you wouldn’t be playing soccer while using a basketball would you? When marketing you also need to find the correct targets. If you want to win this so called marketing game it is crucial for you to market the correct individuals. These individuals are those who want and need your services. Take the time in coordinating the ideal targets with your experience in order to meet the “points of contact.”

Formulating the right type of friends

Although the process of meeting other bankruptcy attorneys and legal specialists is important, it is crucial to become friends with the more dominant and the most influential players in the market you are in. For instance, if you are in the market that deals with construction companies that are seeking bankruptcy, then it is important to accompany the trade associations and attend their conferences. At these conferences is where the correct network connections will be made.

Become a scholar

Although you may not recognize it, there are many individuals that are interested in the knowledge that you have. It is important to take time aside in order to share this knowledge through a blog, articles and trade publications by sharing it throughout social media. There are many industry event coordinators that are seeking to obtain speakers and workshop leaders. When speaking or leading a workshop this puts you in the front of the room, which gives you all of the attention more than the average propaganda could ever do.

Build a list

There are times where the individual may be interested in your legal services, however may not be apt in purchasing. You can obtain these individuals through grabbing their attention by adding them to a mailing list in order to first get their approval. The mailing list that you create can administer a beneficial source of potential revenue and clients. However, it is crucial to keep the information that is given fresh with valuable information such as what is trending, events and news on bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Attorney Saves You From Overwhelming Financial Challenges

When you can no longer pay off significant debt, it becomes necessary to obtain the services of a bankruptcy attorney. You need to know bankruptcy is not the end. Your lawyer can help you legally declare your incapacity to pay current and outstanding debts.

Creditors are in the market for serious business and they are out to recover their money through all means. The intimidating collection tactic such as phone calls and letters will not stop until you have successfully paid every last penny. While declaring bankruptcy can safeguard you from menacing creditors, filing for bankruptcy is not an easy task. Aside from the tedious paperwork, filing for bankruptcy on your own can only make the situation worse for you in the courts. There is a maze of proceedings you might not be aware of, which a bankruptcy lawyer can help you navigate.

When you find yourself a skilled bankruptcy attorney, all the necessary negotiations are tackled professionally and according to the law, sparing you from the burden of dealing with unforgiving creditors. Once collections are preserved, you will see that your daily financial situation will improve significantly.

Bankruptcy law can be quite confusing for those unfamiliar with the law such as you. For this reason, representing yourself case may not be your best interest. Expert lawyers possess and provide the necessary skills and knowledge to represent your bankruptcy case most effectively. In addition, your bankruptcy attorney can prevent distressing home foreclosure, wage garnishment and repossession. The lawyer can help you wipe out your debts either by suggesting a payment scheme or by liquidating your assets, whatever fits your situation. Either way, these options will have a huge impact on your financial status. You can sit down with your lawyer to discuss the nature and Chapters of bankruptcy in order to find out the best option to cover your financial affairs.

Undeniably, when you feel the pressure of paying huge debt, you tend to lose your mental composure and focus. Your bankruptcy attorney can help relieve the unnecessary physical, mental and emotional tensions caused by your overwhelming financial challenges. By opting to find a bankruptcy lawyer, you can once again sleep easy at night without the worries of being hounded again and again by your creditors.

Bankruptcy is a federal court process designed to help consumers and businesses eliminate their debts or repay them under the protection of the bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect and help people who can no longer pay their creditors in order to get a fresh start. This is accomplished by liquidating assets to pay their debts (Chapter 7) or by creating a repayment plan (Chapter 13). Bankruptcy laws also protect troubled businesses and provide for orderly distributions to business creditors through reorganization or liquidation (Chapter 11).

Bankruptcy is a complicated matter and not every attorney is equipped to handle the evolving practice of this particular field. As a firm that handles bankruptcy cases, we go above and beyond what is required to help clients achieve the desired solutions to their problems. We believe that clients are best served if a competent attorney handles the representation and that is how we go about every case that comes our way.

Get Even With The Banksters Using the Automatic Stay In Bankruptcy

Back in 2007, the entire world suffered an economic catastrophe just short of a complete collapse. To stop it from happening the central banks started printing money to add liquidity to the markets. First, the US passed a stimulus bill of close to $1 trillion to bail out the too big to fail financial institutions. While at first glance, for some, it might have seemed necessary and a good idea, but after much thought and investigation it has become very clear that this is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme where the same folks that caused a crisis are getting richer. When all this went down, the Fed had $800 billion in US treasuries, since the crisis that number has surpassed $4 trillion. This money is being printed out of thin air and being used to buy our own debt.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make our own dollars on our computer and send them to the bank to pay our debts. This is why many people have gotten angry at the 1%’s. Many are looking for ways to game the system back. The only problem is, the system is set up to protect financial institutions that are making all the rules. There still is what I like to think a loop hole in the system is still available to those getting crushed by the banksters. The US legal system was originally set up to protect the consumer and included bankruptcy to allow people to have multiple chances to be financially successful. The bankruptcy automatic stay is what puts teeth to the bankruptcy filing and puts these aggressive creditors back in line during the process.

There are many reasons why someone would file bankruptcy but most of the time it is because they are pushed to their limits by their creditors. Creditors these days have very aggressive collection tactics and that’s why I like to think of them as banksters. They don’t understand that some people just don’t have the money to give them. At first, they will try to befriend the individual and act like they understand the situation. Some people try and go along with the program giving minimum amounts to the creditors. At some point in time, there is only so much someone can do and a payment gets missed. This is when creditors start to get a little irritated with the individual. If the topic of a bankruptcy filing comes up in conversation, the unscrupulous and dishonest ones will let the individual know that filing bankruptcy will ruin their life. As the lies continue, they will start demeaning the individual and pushing harder with threats of a lawsuit if the person doesn’t give them some money. Some even go as far as threatening the debtor with jail time if they don’t pay. The last time I checked, we don’t have a debtor’s prison, but if these guys can have their way debtors prison will be coming back. I guess they didn’t learn the story from grandma that you catch more flies with honey. So, most of the time, people will be pushed to the end of their rope and call a bankruptcy attorney to see if they qualify to file.

Once a person decides it’s time to file, the Bankruptcy attorney will fill out the bankruptcy petition and file it with the court. As soon as a bankruptcy petition is filed, the automatic stay is put in place stopping all collection activity against the debtor. The automatic stay is so powerful it will stop foreclosure, lawsuits, judgments and wage garnishments. Those nasty banksters will no longer even be able to contact the debtor. If the creditor has something to say, it will have to be said through the bankruptcy attorney. This will allow the individual to clear their head and once again answer their phone without the threat of harassment. Thank goodness that we still have the power of the automatic stay to protect the downtrodden consumer. Who knows, it might only be a matter of time before even this is taken away.